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I have type 1 diabetes. I used to have a pretty conventional view of diabetes management. I don't anymore.

I received bad news in early 2013 that I, "as any other person who's had diabetes for as long as I have", had early signs of retinopathy in my left eye. It was, oddly enough, unexpected for me. The part that resonated the most with me though was the fact that this was considered and presented to me as "normal".

I don't believe in a second definition of normal tailored to diabetics. We have to live with our limitations and we have to compensate for our body not producing insulin (T1) but it doesn't mean we shouldn't aim for standards of living that are closer to the actual "normal".

Fast-forward a few months, my A1C is went from 7.7 in early 2013 to 4.4. I'm driving the show now.

And boy does driving feel fantastic. To get to the results that I've seen, I had to understand a lot. I had to test theories and make drastic changes. But it turns out to be pretty awesome, addictive even, to learn about what affects your body and blood sugar.

And while I'm making discoveries that shed light on some blood sugar mysteries, I'm also discovering information that contribute to better health.

For the first time since my diagnosis, I now dream of my old age and I'm not scared. I'm dreaming of the pictures I'll be taking on this long walk somewhere in Europe. I'm dreaming on the tool I'll still be building to contribute to making the world slightly better, safer, more efficient.

And I am not special. I'm just as normal or weird as anyone.